Ken and Cory Tomovick  at the gaslight

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With violinist Ingrid Lane, Cory and Ken's work as singer/songwriters continues to evolve, expand and engage. With that, however, there are a few givens:
  • They are ALWAYS writing new material,
  • The match of lyrics to the melody and arrangement is tight,
  • Their performances are always spot on, and
  • Their songs speak from the heart and reach out to touch the hearts of their audience.
Their songs have the quality of being both personal and universal. Their songs remind me that there is both beauty and mystery in the world.
Hank Fridell



Music Videos

Here are a two YouTube videos that we created a few years ago. Please enjoy!

1. Skydiving - Black Hills

This video is a documentary of some of Ken's skydiving experiences and features the songs "Tick Tock" and "One Old Raven".

2. "Mean Mommy" song

This song was written in 2000 when Cory's children were young. It has become somewhat of a "signature" song that every parent can identify with.


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