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The Music. Perhaps it’s the water. Or, maybe it’s the old Black Hills limestone. Whatever the the source, creative magic is abundant at the home of Ken and Cory Tomovick. Since 2005, they have been together as a family, and also, as collaborators lifting their music to new heights. Ken’s intricate acoustic guitar work perfectly matches Cory’s captivating voice and lyrics. Whether the song is telling a story as in Momma’s Mixing Bowl or a sultry blues number like “Time to Fly”, it will leave the audience just a little richer in emotion and spirit.


Beneath The Surface CD

Cory and Ken tap into what makes us human. With their songs, they unravel the code and open up our hearts. The sum of melody, harmony, accompaniment, delivery, commitment and message in their music elevates us to a higher and better place . During the break of their last concert, I saw a meteor shoot toward us in the northern sky--not a bad metaphor for the experience of listening to their music.
Marianne Fridell

Steve Thorpe paper articleThe CD. "Beneath The Surface", their first CD, is testament to their efforts. According to Steve Thorpe of the Rapid City Journal, Ken and Cory’s CD, “Beneath the Surface” is about as perfect as the singer/songwriter relationship can get because Ken and Cory find themselves in service of the song.” For the last few years they have been honored to be a part of the Hill City winter open mic where they have worked on their performances and continued to write. The people of Hill City responded and fans multiplied. If you haven’t already, you will want to experience their music first hand.

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