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James & Lynne’s Story (As Seasons Change)

Lynn and JamesLynne's father originally contacted me to help him write a song for his daughter's wedding. I met them for their interview the day after Thanksgiving 2004. Both Lynne and James love the outdoors. She is an avid horse woman, and James is an avid mountain biker. They often ride together. They had bought a piece of land and were building their lives together. Their twenty acres are nestled in a little hollow of the Black Hills south of Rockerville. They named it Harmony Hollow. Their wedding was wonderful. It was set on Lynne's grandparents' place. James rode an antique bicycle across the bridge and through the seated crowd to await his bride. Lynne was led by horseback by her step-dad across the bridge where her father helped her off the horse and up the aisle to James. When the ceremony was complete, they rode off together around the field and up to her father's house where the reception was to be held. James was on the bike. Lynne was on her horse. Although a small wedding, it was incredibly simple and beautiful. And by the way, in the process of writing this song I fell in love with the guitar player --- Lynne's father, Ken.

“Our wedding song “As Seasons Change” was one of the highlights of our wedding! Cory was able to capture the essence of who we are as a couple with her warm and creative songwriting talents. Our song's meaning is right up there with our vows! Thank you Cory for your gift we will cherish forever!”
-Lynne & James Loverich

Neil and Liana’s Story (Comfortably Content)

“I have known Cory for more than a decade as a teacher, a musician and friend. It seemed to be kismet, then, that she should officiate and perform at my wedding.

My wife and I met with her three months prior for a couple's interview and to discuss our aims, go over themes and for all of us to acquaint (or reacquaint) ourselves. From this meeting, Cory was able build a thorough draft ceremony and write an incredibly beautiful, personal song, with exceptional guitar accompaniment from her husband, Ken.

The rehearsal and ceremony were flawless. All those gathered cried and laughed together. It was our day, but Cory brought it to life for us, guided us through it and, selflessly, made it perfect. As to the business oriented aspect of things: Cory was very accommodating with our ceremony notes, quick to respond via phone or email when meeting face to face was not an option and clearly and cleanly laid out the the entire process from the outset.

I cannot conceive of anyone being more ideally suited to have officiated our wedding. I certainly don't plan on getting married again, but when the time comes for vow renewals, I know where I will look.”
–Neil Robinson

Ryan & Kelly’s Story (My Love)

I met Kelly five weeks before her wedding. She wanted to do something special for her fiancé because he was constantly doing incredibly romantic things for her. She began by telling me the story of the day he proposed to her. They had both been really busy and Ryan had planned a weekend for them, but she had no idea a proposal was at hand. He woke her up and suggested they take their dogs for a walk at the dog park along Rapid Creek. While walking, they noticed a beautiful bottle in the creek. To Kelly’s surprise there was a message in the bottle. Two pages and it didn’t quite sink in until the end when he quoted a Beatles song.

“Please grow old with me. The best is yet to be. Kelly Lee Jones Will you marry me?”

Anyway, you get the picture – her man is romantic! She then told me of how he creates incredible moments camping, walking, remodeling the basement, etc. By the time the interview was over I had little tingles running up my spine. The end result was the song entitled, “My Love”.

“Ryan made sure I felt as loved (and stunned) as anyone could feel the day he proposed. The day we got engaged was a memory that I wanted to capture, and I wanted this song to be a wonderful surprise for Ryan... something small I could do for him after his endless surprises for me. Cory agreed to write a song for Ryan as my gift to him on our wedding day. She did a brilliant job capturing the essence of our engagement, our love for each other, our history, as well as future dreams. This is ‘our song’ and is a gift we will have forever. Thank you!”

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